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How To Avoid Spam Complaints

Is Your Message Relevant?
You may think it is however upon further inspection you may find there are edits you can make that will increase response.  Different demographics may respond to a different style of messaging and some simple edits can go a long way to improving these responses.  Also a more relevant message will minimize any complaints at the ISP level and have a beneficial affect on your sender reputation.

Branding of Subject Lines
It’s your email; you might as well own it.  By branding the subject line with the company name one can increase the likelihood the recipient will open the email and take action.  If the subject line seems vague and deceptive it can also affect deliverability.

Place Unsubscribe Links in the Header and Footer
Most marketers want to bury the unsubscribe link/provision in the footer of the email; however it can be to one’s benefit to include it in the header as well.  It shows the recipient you actually care about their privacy and will minimize the likelihood of them pressing the “report spam” button in an attempt to opt-out of the messaging.

Ask Customers to Whitelist Your Domain
What harm is there in asking?  Invariably you have a number of customers who want to receive your emails.  You can increase your deliverability at the ISP level by simply adding verbiage to your creative that asks the email recipient to add your company’s web or email address to their address book.. This will enable it to pass through spam filters as well as improving your sender reputation.

Avoid Known Spam Triggers
Make sure when building your creative that you use content and formatting that does not trigger spam filters.

Check your Spam Score
Talk to your ESP regarding checking your spam score on particular creatives.  If you check prior to exposing an “unknown” creative to a bevy of ISPs, you may very well save yourself a lot of headaches (not to mention poor response) farther on down the line.

Can-Spam Compliance
The Can Spam Act of 2003 is fundamentally non-legislation for legitimate marketers.  If a marketer follows these 4 basic rules your emails will always be compliant and you will never be in violation of the law.

  1. The email must not have ANY misleading information.  This includes the from line, subject line and all content of the email
  2. The email must have an opt-out provision within the body of the email, which allows recipients to opt-out of future messaging.
  3. Any opt-outs must be honored within a 10 day window of the recipient requesting to NOT receive any future communication
  4. The email must contain the advertiser’s physical address.

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