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How To Layout Your Email

HTML Emails

  • The width of your email should be roughly 600 pixels and should never exceed 650 pixels.
  • Include a short text headline above the header image that links to the main Call to Action (CTA).
  • Make sure all images are clickable to a landing page.
  • Group similar images and text together to make it easier for the user to follow the flow of the email.
  • Use left or right alignments as these formats have more visual strength than a center alignment.
  • Put the MOST important things in the top left corner of the creative as this is where people look first.  If your main call to action is buried in the lower right corner nobody will ever see it.
  • Avoid using too much spacing between lines within the text or copy of the email.  It disrupts the flow of the email and
  • Did you know that about 80% of email clients have their links and images turned off by default?  To counteract this a marketer should do the following:
    • Always use alt tags so that missing images at least have descriptions.
    • Place text descriptions below images too, as some email clients may block alt tags.
    • Also use text links in addition to your image link.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.
    • A marketer should never depend on image-based navigation.  If images are blocked the recipient will have nothing to click.
  • We know you want the email to be pretty, but don’t overdo it with the images.  The higher the ratio of image-to-text area in an HTML, the higher the SPAM score.  We recommend no more than ½ of the design area be images or graphics, and the rest should be formatted text (system text).
  • When possible, avoid using white (#FFFFFF) text.  Some spammers use white text on white backgrounds to prevent visibility of some text, so Spam filters may flag usage of white text.
  • Do not use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript, Submission Forms, Layers, or Rich Media (i.e. Flash movies, animation).  All of these can cause deliverability issues at the ISP level which can (and likely will) affect the campaign responses, hinder deliverability for future campaigns, and they will not render correctly in many email ISPs.

Text Emails

  • Add a carriage return after every 45-65 characters, as some email clients wrap text differently.
  • Split up paragraphs to leave more white space for easier viewing.
  • There should be at least one clickable URL in the text creative.
  • Have each URL link displayed on its own line for easier viewing.
  • Avoid using ‘>’and ‘<’ for headlines; these are used in programming code.
  • Use asterisks for headlines (**) or bullet points (*).
  • Do not overuse CAPITALIZATION (see above in HTML Email description).

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