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Who Is Zeppo Marketing?

Email. Direct mail. Social media. Web. Display ads. Search engine marketing. Traditional media. Mobile advertising. Texting, apps, QR codes. Remember TV commercials and print ads?

Today’s marketing landscape is a jungle for businesses trying to track down new customers. But Zeppo Marketing can be your guide—all the way to results.

Zeppo Marketing is a trailblazer in direct marketing services. We take 40 years of combined marketing experience and apply it to the most current wisdom, trends and practices. Then we add a level of consultative customer service that sets us apart—in an industry that’s notorious for ditching clients halfway to their destination (after they paid the fare, of course).

We specialize in marketing with email, direct mail, online lead generation or co-registration, email append, and mobile advertising. Because we know this territory better than just about anyone else, we help our clients map out the best course for their specific needs and goals, through research and negotiation of the most effective email lists, networks and interactive advertising outlets.

So, welcome to the jungle. But don’t wander around feeling lost. When it comes to finding new customers, we can help you get there.